It all begins with a half-decent pun...

My name’s Jake which is short for Jacob which is long for Cob which is one ‘b’ short of the name of a salad. And I’m not about to let one small ‘b’ stand in the way of a half-decent pun.

Because I want this site to act just like a salad.

Which is a rather odd little sentence, isn’t it? So, I’ll explain.

Cobsalad.com is a nutritious mix of ingredients – in the form of coaching, writing and teaching – to energise, support and sustain anyone who's hungry for fulfilling their potential.

I’m on that very mission myself.

At the time of writing I’m 38, but when I was 24 and just about to leave university to begin a career in film, I woke up one morning to find my digestive system had all but retired. Weeks of malfunction and debilitation turned to months, which turned to years—and became both the backdrop and motivation of the mission: to discover the source of my pain, to recover my health and to become whole again.

So far the mission has been equal parts arduous, maddening, liberating and enlightening.

At one time or another over these last 14 years and counting I’ve been under the care of every doctor, specialist, nutritionist, every psychotherapist, hypnotist, kinesiologist, every shaman, layman, charlatan and snake-oil salesman you could imagine.

Some of them have been brilliant and wonderful, others ridiculous but un-refundable. Either way I’ve learnt a huge amount, and as I travelled deeper into it, collecting the bits and pieces that worked, discarding the parts that didn’t, I realised what I was here for wasn’t making films, but to help others accomplish their own missions too.

And since I happen to think there’s no real separation between the body and mind, that where one ends the other starts, that they’re beautifully fused partners in an everlasting dance, I believe it’s helpful and healthful to work with both.

So I’m certified in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counselling skills, and health & fitness personal training. I’ve had many brilliant teachers. I have a mentor and teacher of Gestalt whose therapeutic guidance is the wisest and kindest in the business, and I practise in the Ido Portal method of movement. But perhaps my most important teacher was my dad, Stephen Russell, a writer, healer and teacher of Taoist wisdom, a trainee of Dr R.D. Laing, and whose work lives on beyond his death at the start of 2020 at barefootdoctorworld.com.

I believe we all have the power to live well and long, to heal, to become whole and strong, to become leaders, to live in love with ourselves and others, and to have a damn fun time doing it while we do. I’d like to help you realise this potential if that’s your mission too.

Get in touch if you’d like to.

Jake x