Coaching in physical + mental health and strength:



To increase mobility, coordination, skill, strength, length, suppleness, balance, stamina, overall fitness, health and longevity.

We'll work with minimal equipment, usually just the floor, a wall, sometimes gymnastic rings or a pull up bar and parallettes, using elements of calisthenics, animal movement, yoga, flow and locomotion for a natural, grounded and balanced approach to full body and neuromuscular development, strength and acuity.

This isn’t exercise in the conventional sense – no repetitive gym workouts or punishing HIIT (although we can do that if you really want) – think of this as a playful physical practise to nourish rather than punish your body. Be prepared, though, because it will challenge you, get you sweaty, ripped, roaring and raring to go, producing brilliant, surprising results.

We can work outside, at home (yours or mine -- depending on location), or online. 

Get in touch for pricing, plans and more details.



To discover, uncover or recover how you want to live, what’s important to you and what you want, and to then set about making it a reality.

We’ll work together to identify what might be stopping or blocking you in your mission, whether that’s in work, love, relationships, fulfilment, spiritual connection, or success.

I’m trained and certified in a cognitive-behavioural approach to coaching and in humanistic psychotherapy and counselling skills, and I draw on a wider pool of references too, such as Taoist and existential thought and practise. We’ll work within the framework of these modalities to challenge and unravel unhelpful or tangled patterns and restrictive beliefs, and create healthy, authentic alternatives; small, subtle shifts in thought and action that can progressively widen, enlarge and deepen any or every aspect of your life.

We can work online or in person (depending on location).

Get in touch for more details, to discuss what you’d like to work on, and information on my fees.