• Jake Russell

Let Up, Not Down

Morning all, I’m writing a very short one today because it’s all I have time for this week and in doing so I notice the urge to give myself a hard time for it. My harsh internal taskmaster is fast to blast me for the easy path here. Short piece is short-changing, he sneers, you’re letting yourself and everyone else down. Work harder, work faster.

And the reasonable one looks back at him and says, actually, I’m doing all I can right now to keep the plates spinning, and if we add any more they’ll all fall to the floor and then the whole show’ll need binning. Doing all I can is all I can do. So dear taskmaster with all respect due, I say to you, piss off.

Letting up when needed needn’t be letting down.

And with that I wish you a stonkingly good week full of love and brightness and delightful surprises,

Jake x

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