• Jake Russell

Rupture + Repair

Rupture is an inevitable part of life. In fact, life can’t fully begin without it: the primal rupture of the baby from its mother. Until birth, the baby and its mother live in a state of symbiosis.

And then from one emerges two.

But almost immediately, as long as both are well and healthy, the mother takes the baby and holds it close. The two re-connect, the rupture is repaired.

And from these opening moments of life the pattern is set.

Rupture + repair.

It comes in all different forms. Physical, emotional, relational, societal. We’re in a state of societal rupture right now.

But the rupture isn’t the important phase of the pattern. Significant, of course, but unimportant compared with the repair.

It’s whether we repair, and how we do so, that’s important. Because repair, unlike its preceding rupture, isn’t inevitable. It requires conscious choice, action, humility, willingness. It requires an openness of mind and heart, an availability.

Rupture left un-repaired leaves an open wound, which, in time, scars over. The scarring might do a decent job of protecting the surface area of the wound from the world, but the original trauma, just below, remains. The area of trauma is sensitive and consequently well defended. A point of weakness and disconnect.

The state of repair, on the other hand, is a state of attuned connection.

When two people are attuned to one another, for example, the bond of connection grows strong. And so any (inevitable) rupture between them can, probably, be repaired. In fact, the shared experience of repair can make the connection more special still.

The pattern of rupture + repair repeats from birth through life to the final rupture from life itself (or put differently, to the final re-pair—back to the primal One).

So, with each new rupture, consider the opportunity for beautiful repair.


Jake x

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